I came up with the idea for Cale while sitting in a tree on a permaculture farm in Costa Rica on the heels of writing a year long column about wellness and what makes for great health and happiness.

My time in Costa Rica inspired me to begin studying herbalism - the ancient tradition and knowledge of how plants, herbs and botanicals heal. I was simultaneously drinking less alcohol, and although my social life remained robust, my adult beverage options while out and about or even on Friday nights on my couch

were limited to none existent; There were no sophisticated in taste and functional non-alcohol wine alternatives and so I set out to build Cale.  

It is my pleasure to create for you my non-alcoholic herbal wines, cheers! 


-Nana Meriwether, Founder of Cale



Cale is a wellness company focusing on alcohol alternatives. Our first releases will be non-alcoholic wines infused with herbs, botanicals, plants and adaptogens. We infuse wine grape varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Grigio with herbs to bring about elevated, healthful and sophisticated in taste, non-alcoholic herbal wines.


We are a direct-to-consumer, non-alcoholic wine company.

Sit back and relax we will deliver to you and with immense gratitude! 

We are women founded, producing our non-alcoholic wines out of Matchbook Distillery, a woman owned distillery on the North Fork of New York, and our packaging has been designed by a woman owned floral studio in Los Angeles, The Loved Co.


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