Cabernet Sauvignon x Hibiscus Non-Alcoholic Herbal Wine Crowdfund Bottle 250ml

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We Are Crowdfunding:

This is a Pre-Order Limited Edition Bottle to support our development

and not our final bottling, packaging, pricing etc.

Enjoy an at your convenience wine tasting of our first release: 

Cabernet Sauvignon infused with organic Hibiscus Flower.

This light and tangy most popular flower pairs perfectly with the

traditionally deep and dark characteristics of Cabernet.

We are a direct-to-consumer non-alcoholic wine company. Sit back and relax we will deliver our 250ml tasting bottle to you and with immense gratitude! 

We are releasing pre-orders by batch, 500 bottles each run. With this crowdfunding donation, expect to receive your non-alcoholic wine later this summer and into early fall. We will keep you posted on updates

that deter.


July Batch | You Are Purchasing This Run

August Batch | Still Available

September Batch | Still Available

Your support will help us in the development of our brand and we thank you so very much. 

Return Policy: we can offer no returns or refunds, many thanks.

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